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Boodles Fine Dining

Shortly after the tragic natural gas explosion, that destroyed much of Main Street (including Boodles)
in Bozeman, Mark began designing a new pub/restaurant for Boodles owner, Jackson Kent. Jackson
wanted to keep the rich, warm feel of the old Boodles and Mark new his work was cut out, the space
to be transformed was the old Spanish Peaks Brewery. The Spanish Peaks was designed with a very
industrial flavor, exposed concrete/steel/ductwork, the space was very tall with a mezzanine.

Mark used an old world, classic approach to the design. Wrapping the steel columns with fluted and
highly detailed mahogany and connecting them with a gentle arch was the starting point. Next the
ceiling plane was lowered and coffers were added. The bar remains in the same location, but was
elongated and changed from steel and concrete to beautiful mahogany with more ornate details. The
finishing touches to the main dining – bar area include a complex curved stair at one end and an antique
wine display area at the other end.

before and after