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Koch Street Addition

This home was purchased by a couple in Bozeman, Montana in 2002. As their family increased in size they realized they had to relocate or add onto their home. Through discussions with Mark the call was made to add on. Mark worked to design the addition to house the couple and their two children and incorporate a secondary entry and living/kitchen/bath/bed space that can be used for rental income. Mark accomplished this on the tight city lot by designing a three story addition. The roof pitch was made steeper than the existing home so that the side walls of the top floor could be set at four feet. The stairwell was bumped out to the East in order to work it into the design and to break up the long, tall facade. The shed roof also breaks the long roof plane.
before and after
Before- Livingston Rib and Chop House
Livingston Rib and Chop House