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Mountain Home

Suzy Hall of Mountain Home, a Montana vacation rental company, contacted Mark concerning a 'tenant improvement' of an office space in the historic Baltimore building in the summer of 2011. Mark agreed to take the project on and he and Suzy discussed the future uses for the public lobby area and the private offices and work room. Suzy really wanted to transform the lobby or 'sales' area into a space that reflects the feel of the SW Montana cabins and homes that her company rents. There were several challenges. There was an existing partition wall that separated the public side from the private. Suzy wanted to keep the glazing for a visual connection between the front and the back. Mark kept the wall and glazing but added a faux timber frame structure over it. Next he added a sliding 'barn' door with a generous amount of glazing in it. The white acoustical tiles were changed out for stamped tin and the carpet was exchanged for rough sawn wood flooring. There were also brick columns with in the space that were very dark. Mark chose to add a wainscoting that wraps the space including the columns. This addition warms the space and the lighter wood helps to brighten it as well.

before and after